A design challenge creating marketing emails for a theoretical client. Current is a newly formed online travel community for the creative mind. The site features a new location each month, publishing amazing travel stories, travel deals, and artists from each new region. The subscriber to Current is inspired by travel, travelers, and the varied ways of the world, and regardless of their ablility to physically go there they want to know what is going on in the global creative heartbeat to inspire and be inspired.



When tasked with this project, I pulled together some interpreted content from my own recent trip to Costa Rica. Following examples from a few major brands across travel, blogging, and ecommerce, I created a series of very different email examples in order to best assess which format best fit the Current vision.


I chose the middle style from above to continue working with because I thought that its liveliness and visual interest best paired with the creative, busy minds we are aiming to entice. I added higher contrast colors and drop shadows under the photos to add more (literal) depth to the page, asking for move movement down the page and through the brief content sections.